I discovered a Greggs outlet & was blown away at how cheap everything was – cakes start at 20p but there’s a small catch | The Sun

WITH their trademark, tasty sausage rolls and array of delicious sweet treats, it would be hard to think of how popular bakery chain Greggs could get any better.

But some foodies recently discovered the answer after they came across a Greggs outlet and bagged countless bargains starting at just 20p. 

Greggs outlets have been popping up in the UK for a little while now, with 30 stores and counting in total. 

Originally opened to support socially deprived areas, the stores sell majorly discounted food items for up to 75% less than their usual retail price. 

That’s because they only stock treats that normal stores were unable to sell, or products the factory has made too many of. 

And if you’re lucky enough to live around the corner to one of The Outlets, you’re onto a big winner – as social media user @insideourrelationship found out for themselves. 

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TikTok’s @insideourrelationship, which is run by couple Hiren and Maggie, uploaded a video simply titled: “Greggs outlet.” 

They then recorded footage from inside the store, as they told their 16.2k followers about their excitement.

They explained: “Today we came across this Greggs outlet.

“Everything in here is reduced heavily.”

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As they captured the well-stocked shelves, they continued: “So how it works is everything that Greggs didn’t sell yesterday, they put it into this outlet and they sell at a reduced price.

“So it’s less stuff they have to throw away, which is great.”

They then showed some of the amazing discounts on offer, starting with four of the shop’s much-loved vegan sausage rolls. 

They explained: “They’re £1.55 – they’re normally £1.10 each, I believe, if I remember correctly.”

The TikTok users also gave their followers a look at the cakes on offer, as they revealed they started from just 20p.

They went on to say: “I also got 2 iced buns for 55p, which is just insane because they’re supposed to be £1 something each.”

There were also muffins up for grabs for 55p, four donuts for 55p, and sandwiches for an average of £1.

However, the duo were quick to warn their followers of one thing about the stores, which are mainly located in the North. 

They said: “The only thing is, everything’s cold.

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“They’re not going to warm anything up for you.”

But that didn’t stop them singing The Outlet’s praises, saying they were “impressed” and that they’d “definitely be going back.” 

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