I fell pregnant at 13 but I’m a good mum – trolls sent me links to abortion clinics & said they ‘hoped I die in labour'

A MUM who fell pregnant when she was 13 has revealed how trolls sent her links to abortion clinics and told her they hoped she would die in labour.

Maddie Lambert, now 17, from Fort Worth, Texas, is mum to three-year-old Everly and credits her daughter for “saving her life” despite initially considering giving her up.

Speaking on Truly, she said: “I got pregnant when I was 13. I thought about abortion, I thought about adoption.

“(But) literally the second I looked at that ultrasound screen I thought, I can’t give up this baby.

“I always looked down on teen moms if I’m being completely honest, I think that’s just from a lack of knowing what it’s really like.”

But the teen faced a barrage of abuse from trolls when she made the decision to keep the baby at such a young age.

“When I actually got pregnant I was so scared of the reaction I was going to get and I did get a negative reaction, a lot of hate,” Maddie says.

“People would say ‘you’re ruining your life’ somebody even messaged me saying ‘I hope you guys die in labour.’

“I had people send me the address to abortion clinics when I was about.

“I took that and I shifted it, I said ‘this is making my life'.”

“The hate made me want to do better, it made me want to show them that I am going to be the best mom ever, even though I’m young.”

The young mum said that far from ruining her life, Everly actually greatly improved it.

She says: “Everly didn’t only change my life, she saved my life.

“I struggled with depression, I had a suicide attempt when I was 13 before I got pregnant.

“I had trouble trying to find my place on this earth and why I was here, it gave me a reason to fight.”

Everly’s dad Isaac was just 15 when he found out that he was going to become a dad.

Isaac didn’t meet Everly for the first ten months of her life, insisting on a paternity test before he did so, something he now regrets.

He says: “When Maddie first found out she was pregnant I was like 15 turning 16.

“I thought it was a joke, I felt scared, I was really scared.”

Isaac is now a co-parent to Everly, and the pair now share their own parenting pearls of wisdom on YouTube, paying the trolls no mind.

Maddie adds: “So many people say I’m a bad mom just because I’m a teenager, but I have the same capacity to parent as anybody else.

“A good mom is someone who drops everything for their child, I dropped my whole childhood.

“I’d do anything for that little girl, she’s my entire world.”

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