I gave up my high flying career to become a real life Rapunzel – now men offer me £200k to buy my hair | The Sun

THIS woman left a high paying job to focus on business with hair – and it's paid off enourmously.

Jasmine Larsen, in her late twenties, embarked on a rather unusual career with social media focused entirely on her long locks.

After graduating from UCL with a degree in biochemistry and working as an editor, Jasmine decided to become a hair influencer.

She's now gained over 100k followers on Instagram and launched a hair accessory company, Lars Haircare.

And Jasmine's fans are obsessed – one man offered her upwards of £200,000 ($250,000) to sell her hair to him.

Jasmine said: “I’ve also received many DMs from guys wanting personal hair videos for a sum of money.


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“Sometimes they request hairstyles that happen to be fetish of theirs, such as buns. The hair fetish community is big on Instagram.

“More recently, I’ve been receiving lots of marriage proposals from all sorts of men."

Jasmine said many of her fans are from Dubai and Qatar, and offer her a luxurious lifestyle.

But the Bristol native wasn't impressed by many of the boastful men.

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She said: “They live luxurious lives and think they can get any woman they desire with their riches but it is always a big no for me.”

But the real-life Rapunzel has faced some backlash, with some calling her "selfish" for keeping her hair while "people have cancer and need a wig".

Jasmine isn't deterred from her long haired lifestyle though, and became obsessed with growing it in 2017.

She said: "I always felt sad after getting a haircut so let my hair grow after my last one in late 2017.

“My first hair oil was Davines oil. Now it’s the Rose Hair Elixir from The Innate Life, which is my favourite natural silicone-free hair oil."

And her secret? Sticking to a hair routine which moisturises and protects long locks.

Her favourite hairstyle is currently the English braid, which helps protect her hair from dryness and frizz.

Jasmine reflected: "Growing up, my mum would always plait my hair for school.

“I wasn’t fond of this hairstyle at the time and wanted a ponytail instead, but now I’m thankful she chose a protective hairstyle."

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