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COME naked and leave satisfied — a nude dining experience has taken off in the city that never sleeps.

The Füde Experience, based in New York City, is a dinner where where everyone eats naked – with prices starting at $44 per seat.

Two women — Tara Thomas, 25, and Imondre Anais, 29 – shared their experiences with the clothing-free soirées exclusively with The U.S. Sun.

The evenings typically begin with bonding exercises, including breath work, before people strip down to their birthday suits.


Tara, a chef, has hosted several dinners with founder Charlie Ann Max, preparing delectable vegan dishes for adventurous diners.

"I've always enjoyed being nude, but being in a communal setting is certainly a different experience," said Tara, who has worked at Füde events naked.

"Charlie and I hosted a dinner where we worked in the nude to acclimatise ourselves.

"This was my first in a completely nude environment and it definitely a boundary you have to cross of yourself, and getting the sense that you can be safe in your body."

She said that her experience with Füde is finding safety to be authentic in the avant garde environment.

"It's a safe space and you can be safe in your body," she said.

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Dinners are prepared, often in the nude, with careful attention to vegan ingredients and whole foodsCredit: Raoul Alejandre
Guests of the Füde experience find themselves bonding with others in more intimate waysCredit: Charlie Ann Max

Creative Imondre, who has attended Füde dinners, was an early adaptor of the events — which have been running since 2020.

She said: "I've been a fan of the experience from honestly, it's conception.

"I'm great friends with Charlie and a lot of us as a friend group are typically naked around each other.

"It's been beautiful to kind of see this idea become such a powerful, empowering movement.

"I'm comfortable being nude, so it was just kind of a no brainer for me to do it, to want to partake in this experience.

"But as Füde has continued to grow, it's allowed me to see how important it is.

"And also how many women and men are affected by it in a positive way."


Fashion and beauty enthusiast Imondre said that the experience has changed her view on getting dressed up for a night out.

"Typically, I don't wear makeup on a day to day basis, but when it came to grooming (for the restaurant) I was like, do I get a wax? Do I not? Do I maybe clean-up my bikini line?

"And so the first experience I primped and prepped a little bit but since going, I really just couldn't care less at this point, because it is even more freeing.

"You know, it's like, take me as I am, my most natural is un-groomed," Imondre said.


As for the stripping off experience, Imondre said it is "pretty normal" and "not talked about" at the event.

She added: "Most people would just run to the restroom, get naked and then kind of bring their clothes back out.

"It wasn't really a spectacle. But I think that might be because everyone knows what they've signed up for.

"It's just, I'm coming here to be in my natural, nude form. So it's more of a matter of fact thing."

Both women said they have found a supportive community through Füde.

"The Füde experience is so tailored to empower you and your body and find a connection to your authentic self," Tara said.

The 25-year-old said that themed topics of the evening allow attendees to leave feeling enlightened.

"What I've noticed is that the energy of the room from the beginning when everyone walks in to when everyone leaves is just astronomically high.

"The vibration is so high and peaceful and people leave loving themselves so much more," Tara raved.

Imondre revealed that she believes in the power of the Füde experience so much so that she invited her boyfriend's best friend for the ride.

She said: "I'm so comfortable being nude and all my friends are as well.

"It was actually interesting to be with someone who has never seen me nude.

"Not that I'm uncomfortable, we just didn't have we didn't explore that within our relationship and so it was really cool to experience it with her.

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"It allowed our relationship to grow because we were able to experience be very vulnerable in front of each other.

"In us being nude and having conversations, it allowed us to be vulnerable and open about other things that were happening in our lives that we typically hadn't discussed previously," Imondre said.

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