I got a triple spray tan only on one side of my body just like Ross from Friends – it took a solid two weeks to go

SPRAY tan's can look great when they're done well.

However, it truly is just you, alone, in the booth, as Eleanor Fletcher found out.

Sharing her disastrous spray tan experience on TikTok, the Crystal Fighters musician said: "I know what you're thinking.

"You're thinking that there is no way that in that episode of Friends where Ross goes to get a spray tan and he accidentally gets triple sprayed can that happen in real life.

"I'm here to tell you that it can and it did."

Eleanor began: "I went to the spray tan world and said 'I'm a bit pale, just a level 1 will be fine.


"The lady on the desk said: 'No problem that's absolutely fine. You just go into the booth, you wait for the voice to tell you to turn around.

"You wait for the voice. Not until you hear the voice do you turn around.

"She made that message very clear and I was very serious about taking this information into my journey to the land of the tan.

"In the most British way possible, she continued: "So I politely entered the tanning booth, totally naked, I let the spray tan machine permeate my body down and up.

"I patiently wait to be told to turn around by the machine.

"I continue to wait," she repeated as the panic began to set in.

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"The machine gets up and goes again.

"There is a part of me that knows this is going devastatingly wrong but there is still also a hopeful child within me thinking that maybe this is normal," she explained, clearly getting nervous in the booth.

"The machine starts up again, for the third time.

"Then the machine finally chirps up and says: 'Spray tan finished.'"

"I get out of the booth I go up to the lady in reception and I say: 'Hi the machine's just made me three times just on my front.

"Well, actually six because it's down and up. Just the front of my body.

"She proceeds to tell me that it is my fault that the voice definitely came in and I just didn't hear it and it was my own choice that I got sprayed six times.

"The worst thing I could do right now would be to wash it off. The best thing to do would be to get sprayed a further six times, on my back.

"So I went to get sprayed a further six times, 12 in total."

A few days after the spray tan disaster, Eleanor had to perform at Red Rocks festival in Colorado.

In another Tiktok, Eleanor told the story of what she said to try and get her money back for the tan disaster.

She went back to the tan shop to try to get her $35 back but the owner was convinced she was trying to scam them so she took 3 vitamin waters and then called them up to pay for them.

Commenters praised her storytelling and lapped up her every word as one even wrote: "That's the best story ever."

While another was left completely baffled saying: "My mind is completely blown at the idea of you scamming them to become completely orange!?? AND ACCEPTING IT?"

Some quoted Friends lines at her, saying: "Was that place thE SUN?!"

"I'd be so livid. heck I'm livid on ur behalf! what terrible service!" said one, who would have found the whole experience infuiating.

Many saw the funny side, saying: "You were looking like you didn't miss a SINGLE DAY at beach volleyball all summer."

One offered a solution, saying: "I think I would've made the manager or someone/thing get in the booth to prove it didn't say anything."

"How the hell could he accuse your scamming him when you paid for both times??? I love this journey for you tho," said one who was outraged that the store accused Eleanor of scamming them.

While a few praised the way her tan turned out, saying: "Your end result is better than some peoples intended results?!"

One reassured her: "It didn’t even look bad !"

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