I got my nails done – I told the nail tech I hated them & her reaction was priceless, safe to say I still hate them | The Sun

She wanted to get the viral Hailey Bieber glazed donut nails.

But Calista Tee was unhappy with the finished result and shared her experience on TikTok.

Responding to a video that stated women who tell their nail tech they don't like their nails could rule the world, Calista revealed it didn't go down well for her.

Calista revealed she was getting her nails done when she told the nail tech she didn't like the design.

But the nail tech's reaction left her speechless.

In the video, Calista said: "I got burned so bad when I tried to speak up."


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Calista decided to try a new salon to get Hailey Bieber glazed donut nails and both she and the nail tech agreed to use white polish and white chrome to get the look.

She said the nail tech was super friendly, but that she should have seen the red flags as the nail tech made some remarks about Calista's boyfriend.

Calista continued: "At one point when I talked about me and my boyfriend she made a remark like 'oh so he has loads of money.'

"After that, I pretty much just stopped talking to her."

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But things went from bad to worse as Calista continued her story.

When the nail tech got to the chrome part of the nails, Calista noticed it wasn't white but multi-coloured.

She added: "I very gently asked her 'I thought we were using white chrome?'

"I kid you not, she said 'don't tell me how to do my job.'"

Calista was left speechless by the nail tech's response.

She then showed a picture of her finished nails which were indeed multi-coloured rather than white – and she hated them.

"I tried and I did not conquer," she captioned the post.

The video soon went viral with over 495k views and 56,000 likes and people were left horrified by the story and shared their own experiences.

One wrote: "One time they over-cured my gel nails and it turned brown the next day and I told them and the guy said I was dirty and wouldn’t redo them."

Another person commented: "One time I tried speaking up and she just pretended she didn’t hear me lol."

"I told a lady my nail was crooked or not filed straight and she goes 'that’s your fault,'" penned a third.

Meanwhile, a fourth added: "One time I asked for coffin nails and they gave me square so I spoke up and the guy filed them down so fast and hard I was bleeding."

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