I hate my neighbour, they’ve always playing the same music day and night so I decided to take revenge | The Sun

GETTING on with your neighbours is important to lots of us, but some of them sure do make it difficult.

But one man has grown sick of his neighbour's antics so decided to get revenge.

In a TikTok video posted to the account, babylegsbruhbackup, the man revealed that his neighbour's would keep him day and night with sad heartbreak songs and he had reached his limit.

So, he decided to get a microphone and confront his neighbour about their music from his window, all while filming it.

He said: "Excuse me neighbour, are you in pain? Are you heartbroken? Do you need support?

"If so I'm open to a chat instead of you playing your S*** MUSIC 24 freaking 7."


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He then begins to sing back the songs his neighbour has apparently been playing none stop, including Sinéad O'Connor's hit – Nothing compares to you.

He continued: "Nothing compares to you.

"They certainly don't, nothing compares to you, it stinks of smelly smelly rotten bum holes, goodbye."

He then turns the microphone off before slamming the window shut.

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"Who else HATES their neighbours?!? Follow me for more neighbour drama," he captioned the post.

Viewers were left stunned by the video, with many claiming they would also do something similar if it were their neighbour.

One wrote: "I would’ve played it louder."

Another person commented: "That's a tune though in all fairness."

He replied: "Not on repeat 17 times at 6am…"

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A third penned: "Please tell me they stopped."

Meanwhile, a fourth added: "I WOULD YELL AT EM LMAOO."

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