I have naturally big boobs – people accuse me of ‘showing them off’ but it’s just so hard to keep them contained | The Sun

A BUSTY frame has sometimes led to unsolicited commentary and ill-fitting clothing.

One woman shared her experience with being busty and the commentary she receives.

Nelly Toledo is a curvy fashion enthusiast and digital content creator.

Many of her productions focus on body positive styling tips for unusual measurements.

She took to TikTok where she has over 215k followers to share her big boob woes.

She wore a form-fitting white dress from Zara with a corset detail on the bodice.


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"Am I showing off my boobs?" narration from a TikTok audio said. "Or do I just have boobs and exist?"

"I'm really not trying to," she wrote in the caption. "It's just hard to keep them in."

Many busty women encounter difficulties with finding figure-flattering clothing.

The bold statement struck a chord with viewers who shared similar experiences in the comment section.

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"This is my new response anytime I get told I’m showing too much," one wrote.

"Sameeeee lol," Toledo replied.

"Felt this!!!" another shared. "I’m a 40F and people really don’t get this is just the way I’m built."

"They're literally just there," a third wrote. "I can’t leave them at home sorry."

Some blamed envy for the unnecessary commentary.

"We were just blessed my love," a user wrote. "It's jealously."

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