I live in a council house and work hard so I can afford to do it up – people on benefits make us all look bad | The Sun

A MAN who resides in a council house has hit back at people who assume they're all living the life on benefits.

Over the years, we've seen many people give their homes a transformation, a growing number of whom live in council houses.

Unfortunately, to this day, there are still countless misconceptions about those who call these estates home, for instance, that they ''have it easy'' or are lounging on the sofa all day long.

However, one person who lives in such an accommodation, has had enough and he's tried breaking the stigma surrounding council homes.

Liam, from Scotland, said the negative portrayal and misconceptions must ''stop''.

''We're not scruffs. We're not tramps.

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''We're ordinary people,'' he noted in a video that's since taken TikTok by storm.

The Scott, who's been living in a council estate all his life, spends a whopping 60 hours a week earning money as a support worker, and the years of hard work have paid off.

The bloke, whose viral clip has been viewed close to 325,000 views, claimed it had taken him several decades to transform the property.

Giving a tour around his now-stunning home, Liam said: ''35 years to get me home the way I wanted.

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''I love my council house. Wouldn’t like to live anywhere else.

''Home is a home,'' he continued in the caption.

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Sharing his sheer frustration of the continuous negative associations many have when it comes to council estates and those who reside there, the support worker said that not everyone relies on the government.

''Not all of us are on benefits,'' he hit back, adding that

''It it grinds me gears. How do they afford it and I gotta work like hell.

The house tour has seen more than a thousand comments, with many sharing different thoughts.

One person wrote: ''Hope you have a job.. that’s what kills me.

''People who have a council house that’s decorated to the gods because us working class have paid for it..''

Another penned: ''Your house is lovely … I think it’s more for the ones who don’t work and get everything paid for them and then trash the houses.''

A third wondered: ''There are people in council house driving BMW's.

''I pay a mortgage and can't afford a car. Now how does that work.''

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Seeing how lovely Liam's home looked, a troll jotted: ''Of course ur going to love it ur life is funded by the hardworking tax payers of the country.''

Someone else showed their support: ''I live in a council home and I work full time, and always have! just because you are in one does not mean you are a sponger!''

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