I never shave and trolls always say my boyfriend will leave me – he won’t, he loves stroking my hairy legs

WOMEN should never be embarrassed about body hair – and a woman has revealed how she proudly shows hers off to her boyfriend.

TikTok user Amber, who posts under @maybe.ambs, hit back at trolls who ask if she’s worried her boyfriend will leave her due to her leg hair.

In a video which has racked up over 98,000 likes, Amber showed her partner even stroking her leg hair while they were in the car.

Quoting a troll, she said: “Aren’t you worried he’s gonna leave you for some clean shaven, non feral girl?”

Amber replied saying: “Not even a little bit.”

In another video, Amber showed how she not only proudly flaunts her armpit hair, but also dyes it too.

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She said: “With all the controversy I’ve caused I thought it was the perfect opportunity to do a new dye job for the pit.

“The amount of ignorant people there are when it comes to this stuff blows my mind so I just like to do it cause more controversy.”

She showed off the finished result and how it was purple at the end.

People were quick to chime in with their views, with one woman saying: “Props to you but I could never.”

However, many praised her, with one person commenting: “My ex pointed out all of my body hair” to which Amber replied: “Glad he’s ur ex.”

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