I ONLY shop second hand – I got a designer belt for £1, my leather jacket cost £4 & my wedding dress was a bargain, too

A THRIFTY bride who only shops at second hand stores walked down the aisle to get married in a second-hand dress. 

Becky McMitchell, 35, even accessorised the pre-loved frock with heels she found on eBay, and a bouquet made from old brooches. 

Becky, from Worcestershire, swore off high-street stores in 2015, and decided to follow in her mum’s footsteps and shop ethically. 

Since then Becky has picked up some incredible finds, including a cashmere cardigan for £3, a £195 Russell and Bromley handbag for £10 and a designer Escada belt worth around £300 for just £1.

Other bargains she’s bagged include a £3.95 leather jacket that she has worn every day of the Autumn, a faux fur coat for £4.99, a Zara linen dress for £8, some Gucci-style leather Office loafers for £6.99 and a genuine pink satin shirt for £17.50.

So after her fiancé George, 34, proposed, Becky knew exactly where to find a dress she’d love – in a charity shop. 

She refused to book any bridal appointments, but says she was lucky as a local store had just opened a bridalwear section. 

Becky said: “Some people thought I was crazy wearing a charity shop wedding dress, but it could not have been more perfect.

“Even my jewellery was secondhand. My pearls were my mum’s, my wedding ring was my Nan’s and my engagement ring was George’s Nan’s.

“I got married dressed head to toe in thrifted things, and still felt a million dollars – proof that secondhand works just as well for those life-changing, breathtaking moments.”

Becky, who said yes after George proposed during a holiday to Greece in 2017, picked up the £300 on the silk and lace Watters gown, which she had shortened to fit. 

She said: “I went with my mum, who spotted the dress I eventually chose. It didn’t look much on the hanger but that’s the thing with vintage and secondhand – you need to try it on. I tried it on and loved it.

“I refused to book an appointment in a bridal shop, but was really lucky because one of the charity shops in town decided to open a bridalwear shop with preloved dresses.”

She spent £20 on some pink velvet heels from eBay, and attached around 100 vintage brooches to a sieve – which she used instead of flowers.

Becky, who shares her second-hand finds with her 1,800 followers on Instagram, gushed: “I felt beautiful.” 

Despite picking up her own outfit second-hand, Becky admitted she bought her five bridesmaids’ outfits off the rack, forking out for camisole tops and long pink skirts. 

But she made sure the centerpieces were second-hand, using vintage teapots from her own collection for the tables. 

Becky recalled shopping at high-street stores when she was younger too, saying: “I was very much about new trends.

"But I started to realise that I could pick up bargains for a quarter of their original cost secondhand, so that was a good incentive

 “I feel ashamed now that I ever bought clothes from fast fashion brands, but I had no idea of the impact on either the environment or garment workers in third world countries.

“I know better now and don’t want to support companies that harm the environment and harm communities. I’m not supporting overconsumption or overproduction.”

Becky now spends her weekends at flea markets and car boot sales hunting down gems, and she’s even furnished her home – a Victorian terrace – with second-hand finds. 

She said: “I did buy a new bed and new white goods but everything else is secondhand or vintage. I think I furnished the whole house for around £2,000.”

Becky shared her top tips for thrifty shopping, advising people to prioritise quality over quantity, check different sizes as they’ve changed drastically over the years, and be patient. 

She added: “Thrift shopping is not for those in a rush, and there’s an art to finding these kinds of bargains.

“Being in a charity shop is a great stressbuster — but only if you know what you’re doing.

"Shopping secondhand has helped me build a wardrobe of clothes that I really love."

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