I quit teaching to buy designer clothes to sell for a profit on eBay – I made £83K in my first year and £574 in a day | The Sun

A WOMAN has revealed how she quit teaching to sell designer clothes on eBay for a profit – and recently made £574 in a single day.

Lindsay Nicole has started a YouTube account sharing her journey and her tips and tricks for making your own sales.

Lindsay said: “If you just happened to click on this video because you are interested in what it is like to be a full-time reseller, this is the video for you.

“My name is Lindsay Nicole, I have been a full-time fashion reseller on apps like Poshmark, eBay and Makari for exactly a year now.

“And I have this YouTube channel where I have been documenting my journey.”

She was a special education teacher for four years before making the leap to go from reselling part-time to going full-time. 

Lindsay claims that in her first year of it being her full-time job, she made $101,824 (£83,850) in total sales.

She explained: “I started reselling in April 2020, I’m sure we can all remember that time in our lives.

“I was remote teaching and bored out of my mind.

“I came across the reselling community and started being addicted to reselling YouTube videos.

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“I have always casually resold on eBay but I didn’t realise that it was this bigger picture than me just selling old things from my house.”

She started selling as a side hustle, and by May 2021, she had so much on her plate that she decided to do it full-time.

Lindsay said that it hasn’t been easy but encouraged people who are interested to give reselling a go.

She added: “If you are at the beginning of the reselling journey, it is so obtainable, not only is it obtainable, it is obtainable in one year. 

“I made $101,824 (£83,850) in total sales on Poshmark, eBay and Makari in my first full year of reselling.”

In her first month, she made $1,847 (£1,520) profit, but March 2022 was her best month and she made $5,338 (£4,395) profit.

She sold and hand-packaged a total of 1,753 items in her first year and has no plans to slow down.

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In another video, she broke down some daily sales, and showed how she bought a blue Poupette St Barts dress on Poshmark for $61.86 (£50.93).

She then took a glamorous photo wearing the dress in her home, and resold it on Poshmark for $175 (£144).

She said: “After Poshmark fees and my cost of goods taken out, I made a profit of $78.14 (£64.38). I didn’t even have to leave my house to source.”

She also showed off L'agence jeans that she bought in a liquidation bundle for $23 (£18.95) and sold for $51 (£42.02), making $17.80 (£14.67) profit after paying for postage and listing fees.

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Another sale was a Poupette St Barts dress that she got for $110 (£90.64) and sold for $289 (£238.12), making $120.66 (£99.40) profit.

Many people praised her efforts, with one saying: “You continue to be so inspiring!! Crazy amazing accomplishments in your first year full-time!”

Another added: “Congratulations Lindsey!!! Your hard work has paid off. Great job.”

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