I refuse to wear a bra anywhere that’s not work – I’m slammed because of it but they make me feel so icky | The Sun

A WOMAN who refuses to wear a bra anywhere that's not work has hit back at people calling her a "s**t" because of it.

Bree took to her TikTok page to share a video of herself going bra-less in a white top, as she wrote: "If you see my nipples through my shirt, either compliment me or mind your own business."

The video went viral, and led to Bree returning to the social media site to share an update as she explained just what she hates about having to wear the undergarment.

"I posted a TikTok a couple of days ago and it’s going bad viral," she said.

"People are calling me a s**t because I refuse to wear a bra anyplace that’s not work.

"Bras are uncomfortable. They hurt my back.

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"They make me feel icky. So no, no I will not wear a bra!"

"This message is sponsored by my mum who thinks y’all need to learn some manners," Bree captioned her video.

The majority of people in the comments section of that video were on Bree's side, with one writing: "Why should we subject our bodies to pain and discomfort for someone else’s happiness?"

"You shouldn’t have to! If people don’t like it they can look somewhere else," another added.

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"I’m currently not wearing one. I’ve almost completely stopped," a third commented.

As another said: "I really don't know why people are complaining lol – guys don't wanna wear a cup all day."

While someone else wrote: "I'm personally uncomfortable going out without one but I'm noticing more and more women don't wear them at all and I think that's just fine!"

To which Bree replied: "Exactly! It’s all about personal preference.

"I don’t think anybody should be shamed for how they feel comfortable!"

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