I tested the Kim Kardashian SKIMS shorts' pee hole, it DIDN’T go well – you need a specific angle to avoid splashback | The Sun

KIM Kardashian's SKIMS shapewear is known for being super-constricting and difficult to put on or remove.

That's why the brand includes a clever design feature in its products, but watch out – one SKIMS fan says you'll need to take a particular approach to use it correctly.

Beauty and lifestyle influencer Nassima wasted no time in explaining the "pee-pee hole" to her 66.8k followers on TikTok.

"I've now worn the SKIMS twice," Nassima explained. "I'm here to talk you through a surprise feature."

She struggled to keep a straight face throughout the video.

"The pee-pee hole I very much didn't expect –" she said, before cutting off laughing as she stretched the fabric open, showing the folded fabric around the gusset.


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"I don't know how to show you without it looking like a childbirth video," she laughed.

Regaining her composure, Nassima took viewers through the motions of how to successfully use the gusset opening.

"Let's say you've got the SKIMS on, like this," she said, holding the shorts against her body.

She took a moment to compliment the shapewear while she taught.

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"Sucks you in! It's brilliant!" she said, before getting serious again. "Just listen, okay?"

The "little gadget" in the crotch "is very helpful," she explained.

Fold the sides of the fabric back, or hold the opening if that makes you more comfortable, Nassima instructed.

But before you relieve yourself, you'll need to take one more step, as Nassima learned the hard way.

"Don't just pee. Do not just pee. That will end up splish-splashing," Nassima warned. "It's not recommended."

Instead, angle your torso forward, and point your rear back, so anything you expel stays behind you.

"If you kind of lean forward, it just goes that way," Nassima said, gesturing behind herself.

Once you've mastered the SKIMS bathroom maneuver, she said, you'll be ready to wear the shapewear anywhere, anytime.

She ended her demonstration with earnest gratitude for Kim Kardashian and SKIMS designers.

"I very much appreciate the existence of the pee-pee hole," she said. "It's very considerate to anyone who has a desire to urinate."

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