I tried on my mom’s sexy Santa costume from 30 years ago – I inspired her to wear it again too, people say we ‘sleigh’ | The Sun

A YOUNG woman got in the Christmas spirit by trying on her mom's old sexy Santa costume, and viewers are amazed by how great she looks.

She even convinced her mother to wear it again, and people say they both "sleighed" the look.

Digital creator Paige Pejic, also known as @paigepejic0, is no stranger to the TikTok game and regularly posts content that focuses on her fun-filled life.

According to her TikTok bio, she is "just trying to make people laugh" with her entertaining social presence.

In one video, she shares with viewers what she looks like wearing her mother's sexy Santa costume from 30 years ago.

She also gives viewers a glimpse of the past by inspiring her mother to wear it again too, with the older woman showing off her lean and toned body in the red and white ensemble.


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"Trying on my mom's Santa costume from when she was younger & seeing her reaction," read the beginning of the video as the 18-year-old poses in front of the camera in the risque outfit.

The mini Santa suit is comprised of a red cap sleeve crop top with white feathers around the bust and a white bow tied in the center of her cleavage, as well as red short shorts with a tiny black belt pattern and white feathers around the thighs.

She completes the festive style with knee-length black boots that pull the look together.

For most of the video, Paige can be seen walking around her home wearing the outfit as she prepares to present it to her mother.

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Upon her mother seeing her in the outfit, her mom lets out a dry "hahaha," to which her child cheekily replies, "Whose is this?"

"It used to be mine," her mother immediately says.

As the daughter continues to film herself in the outfit and gauges her mother's reaction, she asks her questions about the ensemble.

"How old were you when you bought this?" Pejic inquires.

Her mother reveals that she may have been 18 years old when she bought the Christmas outfit and also wonders if it would still fit her.

She takes that opportunity to try it on herself and comes down the staircase in their home wearing the number, looking like her daughter's twin.

"Thirty years later," the mother remarks as her daughter hoots and hollers in support.

The video itself has garnered almost two million likes on TikTok, just in time for the holiday season.

"You cannot tell me that some people are not just genetically blessed," one viewer commented.

"Mom was that girl," another added.

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"Okay ma’am, you’re precious. Cute, but young…. But MOMMA???? SHE ATE THAT!!!! 10s across the board!!!!" another user praised.

"Both look amazing with the Santa outfit," one person wrote.

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