I wanted a VERY simple date tattoo…it’s terrible, it looks like it was drawn on with a cake decorating kit | The Sun

A WOMAN who got a simple henna tattoo was left mortified after the inking looked like it was drawn on with a cake decorating kit.

Mia Orrico, who is from Australia, took to TikTok where she shared a short video of the major blunder.

She captioned the post: "Pleaseeee how do you get it so wrong."

In the next clip, she shared a snap of the inking she asked for which read the date "1971" in clear black ink.

Pretty simple, huh?

Well, think again…


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What Mia got was something completely different and it looked like it had been drawn on by a toddler rather than by a professional.

The post has since racked up an impressed 435,000 views and been inundated with comments.

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And many were quick to share their amusement at the tattoo fail.

"Is that the cake decorating kit?" joked one.

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In response, Mia commented: "LITERALLY."

A second quipped: "That looks like the burn marks you do on your projects in woodwork at high school."

A third admitted: "Still cackling from this."

Meanwhile, another added: "Oh my god it’s like a toddler did it."

A further sympathised and encouraged: "At least it isn’t permanent."

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Elsewhere, one social media user commented: "You get what you pay for," to which Mia replied: "You ain’t wrong."

Another defended the artist: "It's henna it's harder to apply then a tattoo."

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