I was abandoned at an airport when I was 10 days old – but 40 years on I've met my ‘beautiful’ birth mother

A BEAUTY queen who was abandoned at an airport when she was just ten days old has reconnected with her “beautiful” birth mother 40 years on.

Elizabeth Hunterson was discovered by two pilots at the gates of Nevada airport in 1980 with no evidence of where she came from.

Despite being adopted into a loving home, the 41-year-old says she spent her whole life wondering what it was she did in the first ten days in her life that lead her parents to abandon her.

“I spent my entire life looking at people and saying, I wonder if we’re related”, she said speaking on The Morning Blend.

But last summer, Elizabeth was finally able to get some answers thanks to DNA testing service 23andMe and finally reconnected with her birth mum.

Elizabeth, who was crowned Miss Nevada in 2004, tracked down her biological father in 2018 but learned he had died in 2004, having never known of her existence.

Despite the DNA database giving her several links to women, Elizabeth was left disappointed when none of them were her mother.

But just as she prepared to give up, a second cousin got in touch who was able to connect her with her biological mum.

After writing to her mum, she learned that she had a black father and a Japanese mother and finally discovered the truth about why she was left at the airport.

Speaking to People, Elizabeth said: “She shared that she wasn't able to take care of me as she believed I deserved.

"Therefore, she gave me to her roommate who was supposed to take me to an adoption agency. 

“When my birth mother was told that I was actually left at the airport instead, it took quite a toll."

Elizabeth also discovered that she had coincidentally been given the middle name, Elizabeth by her "beautiful" birth mum.

While her biological mother described hearing from her daughter as an “overwhelming blessing”, Elizabeth says she isn’t pushing for an “unrealistic relationship” as she already has a mum.

The pair continue to stay in touch exchanging occasional emails and texts.

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