I was struggling with the heat until I found the perfect £10 solution from B&M – it’s meant for dogs but I don’t care | The Sun

A SAVVY man has shared his clever hack to ensure he doesn’t struggle with the boiling weather over the next few months – and it only costs £10. 

Taking to the Facebook group Extreme Couponing and Bargains UK group, he shared a snap of a large 90x70cm Pet Cooling Mat package. 

He then posted a photo of the blue cooling mat on his bed with a fan pointing directly at it, too.

“For those struggling to sleep on a hot night with fans on get urself to B&M and get these for urself,” he wrote in the caption. 

“They work as soon as you lay on them I just tried it and it felt sooooooo good”. 

The best part is it costs just £10 from the store, making it a cheap buy to keep cool. 

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People flocked to the comments section to share their thoughts as many were left amazed at his genius idea. 

“I will be getting one of these,” one person wrote with a crying with laughter emoji. 

And while many chimed, some people who already used them said they were a miracle for women going through menopause or pregnancy.

“Useful for all menopausal women unable to sleep,” one person wrote. 

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Another said: “These were an absolute godsend when I was heavily pregnant”. 

And a third agreed: “Used one of these while pregnant a couple of years ago. Was amazing lol”. 

While a fourth chimed: “I remember when I was pregnant. I’d put mine in the freezer and then cover with a light blanket. Was amazing.” 

Meanwhile, others warned that while the mats are cool initially, they do end up getting warm during the night. 

“I got these last year & put mine in the fridge to make extra cold. I found after laying on them for a few hours the gel heats up & I woke up feeling hotter,” one person explained.

Another said; “They are ok for a short time but they warm up, you have to either swap them about or take them off”. 

And a third shared: “Had these last year, find they last longer if we put them on us, have a smaller 1 for my neck/face too”. 

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