I went into labour on my fourth date with new man – but what he did next was surprising | The Sun

A WOMAN has revealed what happened when her waters broke while she was on her way to a fourth date with her new man. 

Alyssa, who shared her story via her TikTok account @alyssa_jane01, revealed she was expecting her first baby when she began enjoying a new romance with someone from Tinder.

She uploaded a video filled with a photo montage of her cradling her bump, as she explained what happened next.

Alyssa said: “At 6 months pregnant I met Max on Tinder, we went on 3 dates before I was supposed to pick him up for our 4th date and my waters broke…”

While she didn’t know what to expect, Max, who was on his way back from a work trip, soon came rushing to her side to be with her as she welcomed her baby son.

She continued: “He got a taxi and went to the hospital to meet me there.

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“He stayed for the entire labour and birth… only 8 weeks of knowing each other and 3 dates.

“But we became an instant family and it just felt right. And we’ve been raising Ollie together ever since.”

Alyssa went on to say: “Almost a year on, and we now live together.”

And the story that wouldn’t look out of place in a romcom has an even happier ending, as the couple recently announced their engagement. 

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Further opening up on the strange scenario they found themselves in just eight weeks into knowing one another, Alyssa said in a separate video: “I was a little bit nervous because I was by myself.

“And I was also worried because yes I wanted him as my support person but what if we break up in a weeks’ time?

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“But long story short, he ended up coming and basically being my biggest support.

“When we came back, we were able to take Ollie home, that’s when he took the week off to help us and more so me in my transition of becoming a new mum – and we’re still together now thankfully.”

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