I'm 40 but people always reckon I'm in my 20s – and it's all because of three anti-ageing hair care tips I follow | The Sun

A WOMAN in her 40s has revealed the hair care tips that make her look decades younger.

When it comes to maintaining youthful looks most of us think of expensive skincare regimens – but according to Sarah Hill, 40, your locks shouldn't be neglected.

The beauty influencer, who posts under the username @sarahhill920, took to TikTok to reveal some of her favourite hacks to her 68k fans.

Instead of forking out a fortune on pricey hair products, Sarah insisted the first solution is far more simple.

"If you do not have a water softener at your home, a shower head filter is key.''

This, she explained in her video, is because hard water can lead to a plethora of issues, eventually damaging your hair.


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"Even if you have city water and you don't have well water there is still magnesium and calcium in that water that can wreak havoc on your hair.

"Hard water is more damaging to our hair than bleach so get a shower head filter."

For those unsure about the hardness of the water in your area, the 40-year-old recommended: "Grab some water test strips on Amazon and test your shower water with those."

Another mistake to best steer clear of is going to bed with soaking wet hair.

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''I know it's hard, especially if you shower at night and you want to use lay down in bed but friction on your pillow and your sheets and all of the things are going to cause your hair to break and snap.

"Wet hair is way more fragile and way more prone to breaking and snapping than dry hair."

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Research conducted by the Sleep Foundation only highlighted this point, adding: ''The added friction from sleeping on a pillow with wet hair may also make things worse, pulling some strands of hair farther than their elasticity allows, leading to breakage."

For those on the lookout for easy hacks to grow their hair, Sarah advised to treat your scalp to a massage on a daily basis.

"Make sure you are doing really good scalp massage with a good hair oil at least once a day," she said.

"It's really good for growth."

Fellow beauty enthusiasts loved the suggestions, as dozens flocked to comments.

"You certainly don’t look 40! You look so much younger for sure,'' wrote one fan.

Someone else agreed, adding: "You look in your 20s."

Whilst on the topic of all things hair, did you know you're probably using serums and oils all wrong?

Sharing his tips and tricks, the hair guru Matt, from New York, the US, took to TikTok to enlighten us all.

''Don't apply hair serum from the bottle onto your hair,'' he said to his 1.4million fans.

''Most oil-based or serum-based hair products are gonna perform best when you break them down really well on your palm.''

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According to Matt, who posts under the username @mattloveshair, you should first squeeze a tiny amount of the serum and rub into into your hands for eight or so seconds.

Once it's warm and ready to use, gently work it into your locks and watch magic happen.

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