I’m 40 weeks pregnant and can make my bump ‘deflate’ – people worry I’m hurting the baby but I’d never put him at risk | The Sun

SHE was at the very end of her pregnancy, and had the bump to prove it.

And Angie Faith also had a neat trick which she took to TikTok to show off earlier this year – being able to make her bump "deflate".

In a video on the social media site, she showed herself in a T-shirt and low-slung trousers, with her bump on full show.

Then, as noise like a balloon being popped was played, she began sucking her stomach in – making it all but disappear.

"Trying this 40 weeks pregnant," she captioned the video at the time.

While the trick was impressive, people in the comments section were quick to wonder if it affected the baby, with one writing: "Is the baby OK?"

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"Is the baby safe?" another questioned.

"Wouldn't ever do something if it hurt him," she replied in another video as she cradled her newborn son.

"I did this with my daughter and my waters went pop," someone else added.

"I was able to do this too, one second I had a big bump and the next second I didn't even look pregnant at all," a third wrote.

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"WHAT?? what's just happened" another added.

While someone else asked: "what?! how is that possible?!! I have so many questions."

Others wondered if the video was faked, and Angie had actually done filmed it in reverse – sticking her belly out rather than sucking it in.

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But to prove the naysayers wrong, she shared another video of herself at 30 weeks doing the same thing.

"Since no-one believed my other one, here's one I did at 30 weeks," she wrote over the clip.

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