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IF you’re a keen baker but are continually frustrated with your home-made brownies, then look no further.

A baking expert has revealed her foolproof method to making your favourite sweet treats, with tips even cooks should take note of.

Writing on tastingtable, Kelea Martin, reveals she takes extra time to sift her cocoa power, before whisking the batter until it’s perfect.

But she states the importance of pouring the batter into the right kind of pan before placing it into the oven.

Choose the wrong one and your brownies might be ruined, she warned.

For the best possible results, she advises using an aluminium pan or any lightweight reflective metal.

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Using matericl such as this allows the brownie to hear through evening, according to Real Simple.

It means your brownie should be fudgy in the inside and hard on the outside, Kelea says.

Fellow expert Alice Medrich told Food52 that lining a baking pam with aluknimu foil has many advantages, including an easyclean up and not having to grease the pan.

The material is also thought to be make your brownies lighter in color.

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But advice comes after one woman who goes by @JaceePilkingtonPetko taught viewers how to make at-home Samoas—and her version is healthier than the original.

“You’re going to want to give this recipe a try,” Jacee began.

“You’re going to take coconut flakes, bananas, and mix that all together.”

Forming small balls out of the dough, she then placed them onto a baking sheet lined with parchment paper.

Next, Jacee took a piping tip and made small holes in each ball so that they were in the shape of mini donuts.

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After letting them cook in the oven, she then drizzled melted chocolate all over the top.

“They come out amazing,” she concluded.

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