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KEEPING on top of cleaning the bathroom can feel like a never-ending, thankless task.

From mould and condensation, limescale to watermarks on the shower door – it can be hard to know exactly what products to use in a room that is often damp and humid.

Thankfully there are plenty of cleaning solutions out there, with the likes of Aldi, Wilko and B&M known for their super affordable ranges.

Here cleaning whizz Danielle Mason – who runs her own cleaning company – shares her tried and tested bathroom products used to tackle pesky problems like mould, and gives her verdict…

Prevent the problem

Shockingly, around 11.8 million people in Britain are currently living in mouldy properties, with the bathroom one of the key problem areas.

Even before cleaning, there are some steps you can take to reduce the risk of it becoming a serious issue.

For example, ventilating the room by opening windows after a shower and keeping furniture two inches from the walls can help.

Preparation is key

Danielle also recommends investing in some good quality cleaning tools before you get to work, like the sonic scrubber cleaning brush, £7.99 from Aldi.

She recommends using a shower wiper or squeegee to keep on top of the damp that accumulates in these areas, like this one, costing £1.25 from Wilko.

Danielle adds: "Always try to dry down showers and baths after use too, as this will prevent mould and condensation."

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Having the right cleaning tools can ensure hard to reach places are thoroughly tackled with minimum effortCredit: ALDI/ INSTAGRAM

Tackling mould and mildew

Once you've got the right utensils and you're ready to tackle the cleaning, Danielle recommends using Dettol mould and mildew spray, Wilko, £3.50.

It's suitable for a range of surfaces including chrome and stainless steel, formica and plastics, ceramic basins and toilets, acrylic bath tubs and showers, glazed ceramic tiles and white grouting. 

Danielle says: "This contains powerful bleach so there's no need to scrub and is also is great for bath taps and showers.

"Spray this on areas affected by mould, and leave for a good 15 minutes before wiping off with the sonic scrubber or a dish brush."

You can also use Cillit Bang's black mould remover, £2.99 from B&M, which also removes dirt and mildew.

Danielle says: "This is great as it’s a clear powerful cleaner and also great for lime scale and soap scum.

"I find it especially great to use on bathroom taps, ceramic tiles and stainless steel."

Eradicate water marks

For the water marks on shower doors, Danielle recommends Viakal original limescale remover, £3 from Wilko, and Mr Muscle's platinum shower shine spray, £3.50 also from Wilko.

She says: "Viakal is my favourite product to remove limescale and water marks.

"Simply spray, leave to soak and then rub in.

"Then, rinse down with shower head and it immediately clears the glass.

'I found it's not great for grout and the white rubber seal around the bath however, as it can stain.

"Mr muscle platinum shower shine is great to use for soap scum and daily use as it prevents limescale build-up."

Finally, another powerful and effective product Danielle recommends is 'miracle paste' The Pink Stuff, £1.49 from B&M.

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It's a multi-use cleaning paste that's tough on stains but gentle on surfaces.

Simply apply it with a soft cloth or sponge, or polish with a dry cloth.

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