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HAVE you ever wished that you didn’t have to clean your bathroom as much as you currently do?

Well, a cleanfluencer called Jill Comes Clean has come to the rescue, revealing that there are five small things you can incorporate into your regime that means it will stay cleaner for longer. 

Jill, who can be found on TikTok at @jillcomesclean, uploaded a video under the caption: “Clean your bathroom less often!”

She then went through the five tricks of the trade which would change the way you think about cleaning.

The first is to “keep a soap dispensing brush under the sink for quick cleanups”.

This means that whenever the sink is looking like it’s in need of a freshen up, it can be done quickly and easily, rather than allowing the dirt to build up.

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Jill then moved onto her second tip, which is to make sure you clean up after yourself every time you shower.

She explained: “Squeegee shower doors after every use,” as she demonstrated using the handy contraption.

Jill’s third piece of advice is to “keep a cleaning caddy with basics nearby for quick cleanups” whenever the mood strikes.

While her fourth gem is a quick job that can be added into your routine every 2-3 days.

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Saying it is also important to focus on the toilet, Jill continued: “Drop in toilet tablets every few days.” 

The fifth and final top tip is to “keep a rag under the sink to wipe up water and sink messes after use.” 

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By following this simple guide, the shower, sink, toilet and bath will remain in great condition in between deep cleans.

And it’s obviously working wonders as one of Jill’s followers said “pretty bathroom.”

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