I'm a country girl – there's something about me which gives away that I'm from the deep south and it's not my accent | The Sun

A WOMAN has shared the one big thing that gives her away as a country girl – and it’s not her accent.

TikTok user MeiChiella, who lives and is from Mississippi, uploaded a video to her social media profile where she asked the question “how country are you?”

MeiChiella, whose bio states she is a “Mississippi country girl”, then recorded herself speaking directly to her 4000 plus followers. 

The social media user, who can be found at @meichella_magnolia, began: “Alright y’all. Good Morning.

“Am I the only one that keeps my milk jugs and juices and stuff like that?

“Not all of them – just some of them.”

She went on to explain that she doesn’t chuck them into the trash and, instead, has another use for them.

MeiChiella continued: “I use them to, like, make Kool Aid and stuff in them.”

She then quizzed her followers again, as she asked: “Am I the only one? Listen…”

While many people were entertained by the clip and left crying laughing emojis underneath the post, others could completely relate. 

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In fact, it seems MeiChiella isn’t alone, as lots of people rushed to tell her they do exactly the same, before going on to share the things that they do.

One person wrote: “No you’re not, I do the same thing.”

A second said: “Do the same thing, plus use the big glass whole pickle jars for pasta and oats.

Another social media user explained: “I keep pickle jars to keep honey in.

“Columbus Mississippi here, by the way.”

A fourth added: “Nope you are not the only one who does that.”

A fifth said: “You are not alone, I have my tea cans also.”

As one more person joined in as they commented: “Nope!! Been there and done that plenty of times.” 

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And yet another TikTok fan revealed they were happy to hear other people did it too, as they’d been doing it for years.

They typed: “I thought I was the only one!”

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