I’m a fashion fan and there’s four things I’ll only ever buy second hand – look out for a classic item, it’ll stun you | The Sun

WE all love luxury clothes and sometimes it is better to pay a little more for better quality.

But if you look in the right places you can nab chic luxury items at budget prices.

One savvy shopper has shared four luxury items she buys second hand.

Monica said in a video online: “First up we have Burberry trench coats. I bought my first ever Burberry trench coat second hand for £120.”

“Even on the second hand market in general you can get such a bargain on Burberry trench coats you do not need to spend upwards of £400- £500 you you can definitely find them under £200.”

Monica says she prefers to wear older Burberry trench coats.

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She said: “ I actually prefer the older Burberry trench coats. I think the quality is much better and they also tell a bit of a story.”

The second item Monica always buys second hand is Dr Martens.

She said: “I absolutely love my Dr Martens boots I've got a pair of the Jaydon style I bought them on Depop for £55, they're actually limited edition.”

“Over the years I've probably had about six pairs of Dr Martens all second hand in stunning condition and what I love again about DOC Martens is the older they are and the more worn they are the better I think they look.”

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She continued: “It's also testament to the quality of Dr Martens like the quality of those shoes is exquisite and I really love their grungy look, especially maybe paired with a smart shirt or something a little bit more refined. Definitely check out Dr Martens on Depop and eBay there are absolutely loads.”

The third item Monica always buys second hand is genuine leather.

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The fashion fan said: “Number three is leather jackets or leather blazers, even some leather bags. I bought both of these second hand. They're both genuine leather.”

Monica shared some of her budget leather finds with her viewers, the savvy shopper hand managed to find a leather jacket and purse for just £15.

She said: “This here is the most cool jacket. This was just £10 it's entirely made from genuine leather I love it, I bought it at a local charity shop. This here I think was $4.99 (£4.15) and I bought this thrifting whilst I was in Toronto visiting my family.”

Monica explained: “First hand leather can be really expensive but I think if you buy it second hand you're gonna find amazing quality at an amazing price.”

Monica revealed she also buys occasion wear second hand.

“I buy a lot of my occasion wear second hand, particularly things like fascinators. I found this at a Farrah charity shop for £10. These retail for way into the 2 hundreds and I'm so excited to wear this for a wedding in summer.”

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Monica explained it’s common to find occasion wear in second hand stores as people only wear the items a few times before donating them.

“You can find amazing quality occasion wear second hand. The reason for this is that a lot of people go to events wear things once and then donate.”

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