I’m a gardening pro- my hack revives overwatered plants in SECONDS using a bathroom essential but I'm trolled for my tip | The Sun

FINDING the balance when watering your plants can be a difficult task for some people.

With this quick and simple hack, you will no longer have to worry about killing your plant with too much water.

This TikTok hack is essential for any plant parents or gardening fanatics.

So what do you do if you find your plant drowning and CPR is just not an option?

The video suggests simply taking a tampon and inserting it into the soil of your potted plant to absorb any excess water.

5 Minute Crafts shared the interesting tip which was met with a mixed reaction from viewers.

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"Sis you did not just use a tampon for a damn plant," said one user. While another simply asked: "A TAMPON?!"

Some users began to question the expense of such an odd hack. "Do you know how expensive tampons are?" asked one user.

Another viewer agreed, saying: "I’m not wasting expensive tampons on a plant."

One user even questioned if the hack could drive up market demand for the sanitary product: "Yeah we already pay enough for tampons lets not inflate the cost with that dumbass idea."



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Others found the idea amusing, wondering how they would explain the concept to a house guest: "Imagine someone coming round your house and seeing a tampon in your plant pot."

The hack made some users question if there is an easier alternative: "Or you can just spill the water out." Another user appeared to take a proactive approach: "I have a better idea…don't drown your plant."

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