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A GARDENING whizz has revealed a super cheap hack that will help your garden grow like mad – and it’ll only set you back £2.

Hannah suggested sticking sticks wrapped in cheap copper wire in your flower beds and pots to speed up the growing process. 

She claims this is down to electroculture, which involves using electricity to stimulate plant growth. 

Known online as @hannahs.herbs, the green-fingered content creator regularly shares savvy gardening tips with her 24,100 followers. 

In a new TikTok reel, she said: “So I walked around my yard and collected sticks and then I wrapped them in copper wire which is really cheap. 

“I think it’s 55c a foot for copper wire. 


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“And the reason I do this, it’s called electroculture and it basically collects electricity naturally from the atmosphere, and it vitalises your soil in your garden so that your growth rates will be increased by 100 to 300 per cent. 

“All you literally do, you just take some sticks, you wrap them in copper, and you shove them in the soil. That is it.”

She continued: “It isn’t talked about a lot, but I’m going to give it a try because I’ve heard there’s amazing results and worst case scenario, you have some sticks in your garden and you spent a couple dollars and nothing happens.

“Best case scenario, you get way more out of your garden.”

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Below the video, she added: “$5 and my garden will grow 100 – 300 per cent more than last year…”

Shoppers can pick up copper wire from various retailers, including eBay and Ama\ing, with prices starting from as little as £1.95. 

Her suggestion attracted plenty of attention online, gaining more than 81,300 likes and 651,700 views. 

In the comments, green-fingered TikTokkers shared their reactions, with one writing: “Found my people! I have 2 coils in each bed, HUGE difference! Repels bugs too!”

“That’s why my garden explodes with growth after thunder and lightning storms! Interesting,” suggested another. 

A third added: “I used copper and quartz in my garden last year. My tomatoes and cucumbers were amazing and produced a lot!”

Someone else put: “Don’t wait until you plant seeds to put the copper in your ground! Do it now and leave it in. It will heal your soil!”

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