I'm a gentle parent and I never tell my daughter it's bed time, it's all about giving her choices

A GENTLE parenting expert has shared the simple hack which gets her toddler daughter to go to bed without any fuss.

The parent, who practices Montessori teaching methods, uploaded her routine which was posted on Montikids' Instagram account.

The mum revealed that instead of saying it's time to go to bed, parents should try giving their kids a warning and offer choices.

For example, she demonstrated, those with toddlers could say: ''You want to put the stamps down or you want to play with them when you wake up?''


This, according to her, works better than simply ordering your child to go to sleep.

''I edited this video so you didn't see her say, "Nooo. No nap."

''It was a vulnerable moment for her.

''But it lasted 5 seconds.

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''I simply gave her choices and explained that we could finish later.”

When it comes to communicating with your toddler, Montessori teaching methods believe that offering choices can make a huge difference. 

''Allowing your toddler to choose between two different paths can help them feel like they are a part of the decision making process- which is a powerful way to aid your child’s developing sense of independence!''

A fellow parent approved of this: ''Yay!! Love this!!!

''As a teacher this is what I would use with my students and my older children!!''

''It was a game changer with my 2 year old and has saved so many tantrums from happening,'' read another positive review.

One critical viewer shared her opinion: ''No hate at all, but this seems to me like ur afraid of ur child, I just feel like there’s a more stern but loving way to speak to them so they know who’s in charge, which is the parent.''

Another was seeking help: ''So what do you do when your 3yo says NOOOOOOOOOO to both options?''

''Instead of “naptime” I started to tell my son it’s time for our brain computer to recharge,'' a parent shared.

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