I’m a gym girl – I get dress-coded constantly but don’t let it disturb me, people say staff are ‘jealous’ | The Sun

A GYM girl has shared her incredulity with her followers after getting dress-coded.

It was just a standard workout for this Texan lady, but the gym staff was not very happy with her wardrobe choices.

By anyone’s standards, TikToker Adriana Rosie’s (@nonjewishnanny) workout gear was not so extraordinary, but it seemed to offend staff.

The professional nanny and opera singer remains baffled at such censorship, as do her fans.

She began her post getting ready for a gym session, dressed in loose shorts and a vest top.

“Come with me to get dress-coded at the gym and not let it disturb me one bit,” she said with determination.

Her chosen gym clothes were figure-hugging blue gym trousers, and a sports top – so far so ordinary, and perfect for a sweaty session.

But athletic wear is being policed at her gym and she had unwittingly fallen foul of their invisible rules.

“I get dress-coded constantly,” she said, “but I don’t let it disturb me."

She wondered if the staff were just ‘jealous’: “They are ruthless,” she said with some bewilderment.

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“They just tell me I am breaking the dress-code," but she still doesn't know what that is.

However, this gym hadn't reckoned on Adriana – she is a determined cookie and will not be changing her style choices to suit those dictated by others.

As one of her fans pointed out in her post, “Are you in Saudi Arabia?”

Comments were as baffled as Adriana's.

“Girl what? You get dress-coded at the gym? You are gorgeous. That’s messed up,” was the view of one fan.

Another had her own suggestion: “Get your own fitness equipment and workout at home. The staff are jealous of your flexibility is what it is.”

Ignore them, said this follower: “I don’t get it. You are fully dressed. Why on earth would you get dress-coded? What are you supposed to wear, full sweats? F*ck them. You look great.”

This is not the army said this viewer: “Dress-coded? At a gym? I know at military gyms they are strict but civilian gyms. I don’t understand.”

Finally: “That’s so dumb because what are they even going to do if they dress-code you.”

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