I’m a gym girl – ‘Karens’ judge my skimpy outfits but I don’t care, it’s just internalized misogyny | The Sun

TO get a good work out in, you need to wear something comfortable and flexible.

A health and fitness lover named Imogen Rose said she did just that, but she was judged by the “Karens” at her gym who want her to cover up.

Posting to TikTok, Imogen (@plantbasedfit) posed in her gym fit: She wore a grey, V-neck sports bra, and high-waisted biker shorts.

Although she looked toned and youthful – showing off her arms, midriff, and legs – Imogen said haters think her outfit choices are a little too revealing.

She chooses to brush them off, because she knows she looks good.

“This is now my reaction to every Karen judging my ‘skimpy’ gym outfits,” she began.

As Imogen looked in the camera and proudly fixed her hair, a voice over played that said: “So many slags in the world are shamed. They’re shamed. But they shouldn’t be shamed, they should be framed!”

She stepped away from the camera to reveal her whole body, and began to confidently dance around her room, signifying that she doesn’t care what people think about her outfits.

“Sorry dear. Your internalized misogyny is showing,” she captioned the video.

This isn’t the first time a woman claims she gets criticism for her gym outfits.

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A popular TikTok user named Hannah (@Hannahloveofficial) said she often gets dirty looks when she works out.

“Okay, can we just talk about the fact that every time I come to the gym in my workout clothes…” Hannah began.

The camera then cut to a shot of her outfit: a pink crop top and matching leggings.

“There’s always a ‘Karen’ that gives me the look,” she continued.

Hannah pointed her camera to several other women in the gym, as it was likely one of them that called her out.

The blonde beauty then rolled her eyes in frustration and said, “Why?”

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