I'm a hot-nan-of-five and still wear bikinis – people might think it's 'inappropriate' because I'm 49 but I don't care | The Sun

A NAN who is slammed for wearing bikinis at 49 has told Fabulous she has no plans to cover up despite what trolls say.

Paula Ede, who is a mum-of-three and nan-of-five, boasts a toned size 8 body, which she is more than happy to show off.

The ageless beauty, from Harlow, Essex, often dons a bikini when she is on holiday and doesn't care what people think.

“Irrelevant of age and size, if you want to wear a bikini, you should wear it,” says the youthful glam-ma when talking to Fabulous.

"When I’m on holiday or on a beach, the chances are I'm not going to see these people again.

"I am too busy having a good time to worry about what they are thinking about seeing me in a bikini.”

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But while Paula is more than happy to show off a bit of skin, not everyone is supportive.

She adds: “I haven’t got to the point yet where I can't get away with wearing one, or people thinking I’m too old to wear one so I say why not. I like it, so I will wear it.

“I’ve had older people look down their noses at me for wearing a bikini and dressing the way I do, but younger people always tell me I look absolutely amazing.”

A self-confessed gym bunny, Paula is definitely not your typical grandma.

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The married mum still enjoys nights out with her friends and has even run the London Marathon.

When it comes to fashion, Paula is at the top of her game.

There is not an elasticated waist or girdle in sight. Nothing is out of bounds clothes-wise for the age-defying beauty. 

Her outfits are so current, she often has to stop her sons' girlfriends from raiding her wardrobe.

So what's her secret to looking sensational at 49?

The NHS admin worker feels it’s a mix of good genes and a daily beauty and weekly fitness routine. 

Not a fan of expensive creams and lotions, she uses products from the Inkey list.

The hot mama begins her routine by cleansing and then using a hyaluronic acid. She then whacks on some retinol serum.

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It’s a practice that she carries out religiously both morning and night. 

To keep her body in tip top condition she walks two miles a day to her job, and hits the gym four times a week. 

Paula is on a special mission to look absolutely fabulous at 50. 

With a new intense fitness regime in tow, she wants to hit the big milestone looking and feeling her very best. 

She readily admits that there are no real downsides to looking young, but looking youthful when out with any of her boys has led to a few embarrassing encounters.

“I was out with one of my sons and his five-year-old. People just assumed that we were a couple and I was my grandchild's mum.

"I took it as a compliment but my son was absolutely mortified,” she laughed. 

“When we are all out as a family you can see people looking to try to work out the dynamics of our family unit. 

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"They look at you in a funny way and you can see that they are dying to ask whether I am mum or grandma.

“Secretly and although they wont admit it, I think my sons are proud that I take care of myself and look well for my age.”

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