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IF YOU are someone that likes to wear false eyelashes, it turns out that the style of lash you choose can reveal a lot about your personality.

According to Jennifer Johnson, Senior Brand Manager at ARDELL Lashes, our eyes are the windows to our soul and the style of false lashes you choose speak volumes about your personality. 

We spoke to Jennifer, to understand what your false lash choice says about you.

According to the eyelash whizz, she can easily spot if you are sensitive, a leader or loyal, all by your lashes.


If you opt for a natural eyelash look, Jennifer highlighted that you are someone that is very relaxed.

She explained: "If you opt for a more natural style of false lash, you are someone who likes to go with the flow and doesn't fixate on the little things that you can't control. 

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“You care about who you are with rather than people's perception of you, in your case, what you see is what you get, and you're unapologetic for who you are."


However, if you would rather rock a cat-eye eyelash, Jennifer claimed that you are typically someone that is mysterious. 

She added: "If you choose lashes that are longer on the outer side of the eye for a cat eye look, it shows you have an air of mystery about you. 

“You are someone that takes a bit of time before revealing your true self to others. 

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“You are also somebody that loves having fun and loves being super close to people once you trust them enough."


As well as this, according to Jennifer, if you wear cluster lashes, you are someone that tends to be quite sensitive. 

She continued: "If you gravitate towards long, curly lashes that are spaced apart like a cluster of lashes on the upper lid, you are someone who is sensitive but loves whole-heartedly. 

“You are supportive and loving, and can be quite vulnerable at times, but you're empathetic to those around you and a great listener."


Jennifer also revealed that if you wear large fake eyelashes you tend to be someone very decisive.

She claimed: "If you like your lashes voluminous and close together, to really open up the eyes, you are someone who prefers clarity in life. 

“You are a decisive person and expect others to give you the same with their honesty and choices. 

“You are a true leader and are able to motivate others. 

“Being a strong and independent person is important to you."


Similarly, if you regularly opt for doll-style lashes, Jennifer thinks you are someone htat is positive and energetic.

Jennifer said: "If you choose your naturally thick and curled lashes, perfect like a doll's lashes, you are someone who likes to look their best at all times. 

“Not just in an appearance sense but also in how you react to everyday situations. 

“You focus on putting your best foot forward. 

“You are positive, always on the go, and likely known for your bouts of energy."


Finally, if squirrel eyelashes are more your thing, according to this eyelash whizz, you are reliable and loyal.

Jennifer concluded: "Squirrel false lashes are asymmetrical and long. They are unique; just like you. 

“You are someone who is detail-oriented and creative, but you like to keep tight-reign over your creations and projects. 

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“You like things done a certain way, and for people to respect your boundaries, but if someone you love needs you for something, you drop everything. 

“You're incredibly reliable and loyal."

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