I'm a millionaire at 25 – my money drives the haters mad, folk in my tiny Scottish village wonder how I'm so rich | The Sun

A SCOTS OnlyFans model has hit out at her haters after becoming a millionaire.

Kelsey Johnson, who goes by Kelseyxo online and @heyitskelseyxo on Instagram, hopes people take stock of her success and stop being so judgmental.

The 25-year-old, from Thurso, is a former charity worker and hopes to donate a decent chunk of her income to help people who are less fortunate.

But she's also happy to live a luxury lifestyle – as proven by the time she spent £500k in one day on a brand new house, Mercedes SUV, hot tub and a special juicer.

Kelsey says: "It's a massive two fingers up to everyone that has bullied me over the years.

"This has allowed me the freedom to go where I want, spend as much time with loved ones as I can & when/if I decide to become a mother I'll be able to spend all my time with my child.

"I love my job and it has also allowed me the freedom to chase other dreams and set up multiple businesses alongside it.

"I think anyone who gets angered by what I'm doing just wishes they had the guts to do it themselves.

"I pay more tax in a year than most earn in years and I do a hell of a lot for charity too."

We previously told how Kelsey bought a separate six bedroom home and flash BMW thanks to her OnlyFans earnings.

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She turned to sex work after growing tired of taking on jobs as a hotel cleaner, barber assistant and waitress and loves her job – even though she was hit with an £80,000 tax bill.

And we also spoke to her mum Carol who spent her whole career within the NHS and she couldn't be prouder.

She said: "It never crossed my mind to be bothered about her chosen profession.

“I feel the same today as when she told me.

“It was Kelsey who was worried about me feeling uncomfortable and always told me to say she worked in media marketing if anyone asked.

“I told her she should never be made to feel ashamed or embarrassed about what she does.

"It bought her a house, car, nice things and took her to some amazing places.

“She’s made so many achievements at such a young age and it's never changed her as she's still so humble and generous.

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“And I'm so glad she’s been so sensible with her earnings in setting up a solid future for herself.

“Wouldn't any parent be proud seeing their child doing so well?"

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