I'm a mom in the 'no bra club' – I workout without the lingerie on, it's easy to move around but there is a catch | The Sun

A FITNESS fanatic has revealed that she doesn't wear a bra while exercising.

The TikToker, known only as Michelle, has proudly said that she’s a member of the no-bra club.

The mom revealed that she doesn’t wear the undergarment when she’s working out.

In a viral clip, she was seen doing a range of different cardio activities including jumping jacks, lunges, and burpees.

Michelle didn't seem to have any problem moving around the floor.

She said that she wasn’t going to lift weights during her workout but changed her mind as she added a couple of reps to her routine.

But, the influencer admitted that wearing a bra might be better when it comes to lifting dumbbells.

The caption: "Maybe for one move" appeared on the screen as the TikToker started lifting the weights.

Michelle often documents her workout routines to her thousands of fans online.

In another clip, she was seen flexing her muscles as she pumped iron, wowing viewers.

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One viewer gushed that she was a “bada** b***h.”

Last month, Michelle raved over how excited she was to start a new fitness program.

She was seen doing squats while holding a dumbbell in both her arms.

Michelle is not the only influencer that has said she doesn't wear a bra when going about her daily routine.

TikToker Mags claimed that her choice not to wear the lingerie has a long-term advantage.

She said: "If you don’t want to wear a bra, don’t wear it. You know, it’s Saturday, and I’m buying plants, expensive cheese, and little ceramic mushrooms."

And, another influencer, known as Madds, has stressed that she wouldn’t wear a bra at all costs.

She claimed that the lingerie is restrictive and uncomfortable.

Madds revealed that she has been going braless for the past three years.

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She revealed that her parents told her “You won’t be respected if you don’t cover up.”

But, Madds appeared to ignore their advice as she put comfort before societal norms and ditched her brassiere.

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