I'm a mum-of-10 after adopting six kids – back to school is manic & you'll never believe how much I spend on stationery

SENDING the kids back to school can be a challenge, with so much to do before the first day.

But if buying school uniforms, stationary and packing lunches seems like a lot for a single child, spare a thought for this mum-of-10.

Alicia Doherty, from Pittsford, New York, details family life with her bumper brood on TikTok, and offered a glimpse inside her chaotic back-to-school rush.

The super mum adopted six kids after having four of her own, and revealed it was the first time being back at school after a year and a half at home thanks to lockdown – with schools in the UK also opening again just last week.

This called for a whole new set of stationary supplies for all ten of her kids, who are aged between two and 15.

In a clip shared on TikTok, Alicia showed of her dining table which was covered with everything from notebooks to pens to coloured pencils, and everything else you could ever imagine.


And you'd be right in thinking it cost the parents-of-ten an arm and a leg as Alicia revealed the eye-watering cost of the supplies.

"How much did your supplies cost?" she asked in the caption, before revealing she splashed a whopping $1,120.96 (£809.83) on her kids' school supplies.

But it's not just new stationary the mum was in charge of organising as she previously demonstrated what it's like to pack lunches for her ginormous family.

Waking up at 5am to get a head start, it isn't long before the family's kitchen work top is covered in slices of white bread.

In the clip, the self-less mum whizzed around the kitchen making sandwiches for each of her kids before packing them in the lunch boxes with a selection of other snacks.

Alicia and her husband Josh sure have their work cut out for them as they don't let any of the kids help with housework either.

"They didn't ask to be a part of a large family so they shouldn't have to do extra chores just because they are," the doting mum said.

Adding she wants them to just "have fun and be kids" .

Many of the family's followers are desperate to know exactly how much it costs to raise ten kids, and Alicia regularly shares updates online.

They didn't ask to be a part of a large family so they shouldn't have to do extra chores just because they are.

A typical shop for the family often involves multiple trolleys full and comes to roughly $600 (£424) she revealed – but it varies week to week.

Plus, the busy mum has to visit the supermarket almost every day to stock up on items she forgot or that they just ran out of.

And while many parents like to treat their kids to ice-cream every now and then, the cost of this family's trip is enough to put you off for good.

Alicia revealed that a single scoop of ice-cream each will cost a huge $65 (£46) for the family-of-12 as she shared the mega order on TikTok.

Typically, it would consist of eight vanilla with sprinkles and four hot fudge sundaes – with ten very happy, smiling faces.

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