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WHEN your dog gets into a bag of chocolates or hurts his paw playing outside, you know to call the veterinarian right away.

But there are more common signs that your pup needs medical attention, and any delay could cost you money.

The team at pet insurance company Animalia (@animalia.petinsurance) uses social media to educate pet owners.

In one video, the brand alerted humans to an affliction that becomes more common for their canine companions in the summer months.

Animalia's experts listed the symptoms that dog owners need to keep on their radar.

"Dog owners, watch out for these three warning signs," the pros instructed.

The first was to be aware if your dog is "always itching," especially if they scratch themselves to the point of losing hair or irritating the skin.

Next, keep an eye out for a change in your pup's play habits.

If your dog is "always rolling around in grass or carpet," it could actually be a sign that they're trying to stop itching or irritation.

Finally, they said, call a vet if your dog "can't stop biting and licking their paws."

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That's because your dog could be suffering from the same annual irritation many humans face: allergies.

"This is the number one reason pets go into the vet," the insurance experts explained. "These bills rack up!"

In some cases, your pet may be suffering from environmental allergies from a seasonal change or even a cross-country move.

But your pet might also have irritation on their body because they're reacting to food, grooming products, or other allergens.

In the comment section, other pet owners chimed in to emphasize the importance of regular vet check-ups, especially when your dog seems uncomfortable.

"Allergies are a huge issue," one pet parent said. "They cause ear infections and discomfort."

Another person shared a handy rhyme they used to pinpoint which areas need the most attention.

"Ears, tears, feet, and rears," they said, listing the top "zones" for irritation. "Allergies can make your pet miserable."

One woman said she got her dog to the vet in the nick of time after the animal's allergies got out of control.

"I literally just had to put my dog on hormones and antibiotics. The vet said we got her in just in time before it got worse," she said.

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"That's why I always say do the research," a dedicated pet owner said.

"The fur babies will love you no matter what and protect you," she said, "So do what needs to be done to keep them healthy."

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