I'm a royal style expert – the clever hack Princess Kate uses which means she always looks great in photos | The Sun

THERE'S never a bad photo taken of the Princess of Wales.

And according to royal style expert Miranda Holder, it's because she always uses the same trick.

"Do you ever wonder why Kate Middleton looks so stunning in her photographs?" Miranda began her TikTok video.

"Because she does… every single one.

"Well, the Princess of Wales has had some media training and I’m going to share a cheeky little style hack that she uses every single time without fail."

And it's all about how she positions her chin.

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"She has simply been trained to always keep her chin parallel to the ground," Miranda said.

"She doesn’t tilt it down, she doesn’t tilt it up, and that ensures a flattering photograph every single time."

Concluding her video, Miranda said: "Give it a go and let me know how you get on."

But people in the comments section weren't convinced that it was just Kate's chin position that ensures her snaps are always picture perfect.

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"It’s definitely not just that… she is stunning, slim and dresses fantastic plus her makeup and hair are always perfect!!!" one wrote.

"that, and the fact she's just super freaking gorgeous… period," another added.

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"She looks stunning because she is a beautiful woman," a third insisted.

"She’s just beautiful whether chin up or down. fact," someone else commented.

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