I’m a savvy shopper here’s how to get B&M bargains – go on the right day and you could get an Air Fryer for a few quid | The Sun

A BARGAIN hunter has found 3 amazing hacks that could save you pounds while shopping at B&M.

Christy Lois who uses the handle Latest Deals, posted a video that showed us what we were missing when it comes to bagging a bargain at the budget store. 

Christy’s  first tip was pretty straight forward; she urged her followers to download the app.

Inside the app she said that there was a scanner tool and this was where you would find some crazy B&M bargains. 

She explained that the store regularly dropped prices on it’s system without updating its price tags.

So to find the bargains you have to go around scanning the bargains and she said she copped an air fryer for just a few pounds and bars of chocolate for just pennies. 

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Another tip she shared was to do your shop on Wednesday mornings. Christy said she was told by a store manager that this was the day that most of the new reductions came in. 

Her final tip was how you could pick up some real bargains for mere pennies. And the secret she revealed was to purchase goods out of season. 

She told her 43.9K  followers that you can cop the best bargains by bagging the goods when a particular festive season is over.

For instance, she said you should  bag all your Halloween and Christmas decorations after the season has ended are you guaranteed to save loads of money.

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Fans flocked to her page to comment on her great tips follower Bernada wrote: “OMG I love you and B&M”.

A former B&M employee added: “Worked there for 2 years and yet knew nothing about any of this.”

While fan Macie posted: “How have i been living before knowing this.”

It’ s not the first time the savvy bargain hunter has found bargains from budget stores. Her video reels include bagging awesome deals from Home Bargains and food store Iceland.

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