I'm a server – my boss said we could wear skirts to work but he didn’t expect us to go so short, I’m a risk-taker | The Sun

A WOMAN who has spent her working hours in hospitality is also serving looks on the job.

She revealed the super-short skirts she sports alongside her coworker while they're on the clock.

Éyum-Priscilla (@sweetlikecilla) is a London-based digital content creator and server.

She took to TikTok to share her interpretation of the dress code and what her boss had to say.

"Your manager says you can wear skirts to work but doesn't know he hired harlots," she wrote over the video.

She showed herself and her coworker dancing and posing for the camera in their professional outfits.

The pair wore micro-mini skirts while her coworker's skirt had a slit on the side.

They paired their ensembles with white button-up shirts, ties, and black vests.

Éyum-Priscilla clarified her personal reasoning for donning super short skirts at work.

"Life's short," she wrote in the caption. "Take risks."

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The TikTok was set to an audio narrated by Paris Hilton.

The tongue-in-cheek clip is from Hilton's guide to 2000s fashion.

"Skirts should be the size of a belt," the heiress said. "Life's short, take risks."

The video came as part of a trend where people reveal their workplace attire.

Oftentimes the clothing can be a bit risqué for work, and can even result in dress-code violations.

Although the boss may not be aware of how short the women intended to go, the duo looked fabulous while taking fashion risks.

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