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KNOWING how to dress for your own personal body type will make a difference in how fashionable you look to others.

Every body type is different which means there is a variety of ways people can dress in order to look their absolute best.

Fashion expert and TikToker Kristine posted a video with some style tips that others might want to learn about.

The caption on her video says: "This simple tip really helped me in figuring out how to dress my body."

She starts her video by saying: "The key to any outfit is creating balance."

She points to her chest and hips before saying: "For me, I'm busty on top and hippy on [the] bottom."

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Her first tip is to utilize trendy belts in her midsection when wearing tops and dresses.

"Belts are my go-to because they define my waist and break up the two heaviest parts of my body.

Kristina models a bright orange dress with a matching belt strapped beneath her bust.

Her second tip is directed towards women who have wider hips and smaller busts.

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"Open up that neckline and opt for a top that has a little bit of volume to bring some balance between your top and bottom half," she says.

She models an off-the-shoulder top that reveals her shoulders and upper chest.

The top also comes with a rippled pattern adding the volume she was initially describing.

Kristina's final tip is for women who don't have wide hips or large busts.

She says: "What if you're not particularly curvy at all, and you don't feel like you have a defined waist?

"Find garments with [built-in] details that define the waist for you. That way [your clothes] do all the work!"

Kristina models a blue romper-style dress that has a slimming design sewn through the middle, horizontally beneath the bust.

More than 500 people have responded in her comment section about her fashion advice.

One woman wrote: "I would love this as a series. You are always so put together and look beautiful! I’d appreciate your tips for sure."

Someone else added: "I love these! It always helps me when thinking of designing clothes for all body types, to bring out all beauty and make everyone feel confident."

"Very helpful. Your page has helped me a lot," another TikToker wrote.

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