I’m a size 48 – I’m proof you don’t have to be a size 0 to dress how you want, but trolls say to buy a ‘longer dress' | The Sun

A SIZE 48 body-positivity enthusiast is conquering new heights in her fashion journey.

Nini encouraged other women to dress how they want regardless of their size.

The confident creator (@nini.w3) posted a video to share her confidence.

Nini roamed through a grassy area with a waterfall behind her.

She wore a floral flowy long-sleeve dress and open-toe sandals.

"If you're seeing this,consider it your reminder," Nini said.

"You don't have to be a size zero to dress how you want."

The video switched to show Nini in a whole new outfit.

Rather than her conservative and covering look, she put on a form-fitting one-shoulder crop top with a high-waisted denim skirt.

Nini asked: "I'm a size 48. What size are you?"

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Inspired fans and supporters of inclusivity in fashion commented on Nini's post.

"You are the girl you believe you are," one motivating individual wrote.

Another kind viewer said: "#Facts sis. You're absolutely stunning."

Other followers answered Nini's question and admitted their personal size.

However, a few trolls took to the comments and continued criticizing Nini's style choices.

"Maybe a longer dress ….but that's my opinion," a woman proclaimed.

A different woman added: "True."

"Please don't hate," one supportive fan responded.

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