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THERE are many theories about skincare and how it works – making it hard to know what to listen to and what not to.

Doctor Natalia Spierings, who specialises in skin, has revealed to Fabulous that you don't have to waste your money on fancy anti-aging products.

The skincare expert's new book "Skintelligent: What you really need to know to get great skin," helps debunk the myths and jargon used by marketing companies so you can know the nitty-gritty behind your skincare.

One big myth reveals Dr Natalie, is that Vaseline will clog your pores – which just isn't true.

She explains in the book that Vaseline is the best moisturiser for trapping in water to hydrate your skin no matter what skin type you have.

"The best places to use Vaseline is on your hands and nails," she adds, especially during the winter months in the UK.


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"Its great to use on your feet with cotton socks to lock it in."

The miracle product is also great for your lips (obviously), and as an eye cream.

Dr Natalia points out that she understands people may not like the greasy feeling of Vaseline and suggests: "The best way to apply an ointment is to first put a thin layer on your hands, rub your hands together to make it soft and just pat it on your face. "

Although you can use Vaseline all over your body, it's best to avoid 'slugging' with it.

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"The idea is that you're sealing your serums in with it as people don't think of Vaseline as a moisturiser, but it is," adds Dr Natalia.

In fact she says expensive anti-aging products are a waste of money in general.

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Dr Natalia explained: "Every moisturising product you buy has petroleum inside, we're using Vaseline everyday even if you don't think you are."

"The only true anti-aging product on the planet is Tretinoin, which you need a prescription for in the UK – none of the other ingredients sold as anti-aging are proven to work."

While buying anti-aging ingredients won't harm you, it will harm your wallet, the expert shared.

The most effective way to help with anti-aging is wearing your sunscreen, "80% of your aging is caused by sun exposure over time," revealed the skin expert.

Not only will wearing sunscreen daily help reduce sun damage over time, but it can also reverse the effect of sun damage over time.

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The good news is that even if you only start applying it now, you can improve your skin and the damage caused.

Skintelligent: What you really need to know to get great skin, By Dr Natalia Spierings is available now for £16.99.

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