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TRENDS come and go and what was once a must-have in your wardrobe has now become something we cringe over.

And with the colder season well underway, most of us have ditched the summery dresses for more weather-appropriate tops with long sleeves.

But according to one stylist, it's important to choose wisely when replenishing your wardrobe for autumn and winter.

Revealing the biggest fashion faux pas, Caitlin Jaymes said there are three tops she gets rid of whenever editing someone's closet.

''Even for my clients who have a Boho sense of style, I would never recommend this off-the shoulder bell sleeve style top.

''Especially the ones that used to be very fitted through the sleeve and then like really accentuated at the bell sleeve.

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''I just think that there are so many better options.''

Those who live and breathe all things fashion will know just how crazy we used to be over the peplum tops a few years ago – and in Caitlin's opinion, this is where they should stay.

''Based on your body shape, sometimes this type of peplum, or like wrap-tie top, can be super flattering.

''But it does feel very outdated. They usually come in patterns that are super outdated, so let's get to something better.''

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Last up in the video were the so-called cold shoulder tops, which were a hit a couple of seasons ago.

But whether it's in a sweater or a top, the style pro insisted that this style is ''very outdated''.

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But despite her advice, she also reminded fashion lovers to dress in whatever way they want.

''Keep wearing whatever makes you feel confident.''

What about any other autumn trends to steer clear of this season?

Luckily, YouTuber Shea Whitney was also on hand to show how you can update the looks and make them stylish again in seconds.

First up, the fashion fan said waterfall cardigans should be kept at the back of your wardrobe.

She explained they looked “pretty dated”, as she continued: “If you have them in your closet, I’m not saying you need to trash them or donate them, but I do think there are much more updated, stylish options.”

She then showed how a chunky knit with a squared off edge is the much more preferable of the two. 

Shea then turned her attention to cowl necked jumpers, which are often thought of as perfect for Autumn.

She continued: “Another trend that is out for 2022 are round-toed booties.

“I’m talking about round toes if the boot is shorter. Open toe boots, also not a fan. 

“Also, I think if the boot has a very strong contrast – so for example if the boot is a lighter brown but the heel is super, dark black, I think that looks a bit dated as well.”

Instead, Shea said to invest in a pointed style as it “elongates your legs and looks more up to date.”

The fourth item on her list was a very specific combination – skinny jeans with flat shoes.

Shea said: “I think that that does look outdated, but there are still really good ways to wear skinny jeans.”

She said they look much more fashionable paired with chunkier, or knee high boots with a heel, or simply a classic pair of heels or trainers. 

While fifth – and perhaps one of the most surprising entries – was that Shea said animal print could well be out this season.

She continued: “I really like leopard print, I think it’s classic but is it time to look the other way? Perhaps.”

Shea then said that’s because there are lots of bad animal prints on the market, including a dark, small pattern. She said that a larger, lighter animal print is much better out of the two.

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Other fashion items included on Shea’s fashion sin list were riding boots, long pendant necklaces and infinity scarves, which are scarves connected the whole way around. 

V-neck t-shirts and t-shirt dresses are the other two items that Shea highlighted as things not to be seen in the coming months.

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