I’m a tattoo fan who got my baby ‘inked’ in viral vid – people are appalled but I don’t care | The Sun

A TATTOO fan has sparked outrage after he got his baby inked in a viral video.

The clip which has racked up 22.5 million views on TikTok shows the dad holding his son while a tattoo artist lays a stencil on the baby's leg.

The video appears to show a mum, a dad and their tot getting matching tattoos.

The father, who has just received a thigh tattoo, can be seen distracting his son by clicking his fingers as the artist places a stencil of the sun and moon on the baby's leg.

The video, shared by tattoo artist Ayala Bratt, 22, from Israel, left social media users in shock.

"I think opening kids up to the world of tattoos is completely okay," Ayala told NeedToKnow.Online.


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"It's just art and it's a way to express yourself. It's not just something that is related to gangsters."

Even though the stencil act as a temporary tattoo confused social media users fumed about the baby's tat convinced that the ink is permanent.

One said: "You can't tattoo a child under 18 years old! And worse, he is an infant."

Someone else added: "I can't believe they did this."

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Someone wrote: "I hope it's a joke?"

One person added: "I do not agree, they should wait for him to grow up to make his own decisions."

Others, however, seemed to understand that the child would not be getting the ink, but simply a stencil.

Ayla who has 272,000 Instagram followers believes children being exposed to the world of tattoo art can be a positive experience.

She added: "After sharing my videos on TikTok, there was a mixed reaction. A lot of it was hate but some were funny.

"Also, I've got so many requests from my customers asking if they can now bring their kid and 'tattoo' them – of course, I've said yes.

"It's clear in my videos that the kids are so happy.

"They even ask their parents if I can come to their birthday party to tattoo their friends as well.

"Designs I use are based on the child's favourite TV show, movie or book.

"The cutest kid I ever had was a little girl from Germany. Her mom had a lot of tattoos but the little girl was initially afraid of them.

"She even asked her mom not to get more tattoos because she didn't like them.

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"But after we tried a fake tattoo on her, she was obsessed and decided it was okay for her mum to get more.

"I think we should open kids' world to see that tattoos are okay, as it's art and a way to express yourself – it's not just related to being 'gangster.'"

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