I’m an elegance coach – five wardrobe staples to avoid this fall if you don't want to look cheap | The Sun

AS the weather gets colder, there are certain fall staples that you may find yourself dusting off.

Before you do, a fashion expert has revealed the items which may be cheapening your look.

TikTok user Amira Bessette shared the five fall items that are cheapening your look.

For her first tip, the elegance expert advised her followers to steer clear of cowboy boots.

Amira also recommended avoiding bovver boots in your autumn wardrobe.

The steel-toed boots have become linked with street violence in different parts of the UK.

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According to Amira, jean jackets are also a no-go when it comes to creating an elegant look.

She explained in the comments section that denim clothes always cheapen your look.

Another type of jacket the elegance expert told viewers to remove from their closets is an oversized puffer coat.

And finally, Amira informed her audience that brightly colored bobble hats can cheapen your outfit.

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TikTok users took to the comments section to share their thoughts on her fashion advice.

"It all depends what type of item. A jean jacket looks classic if it’s oversized and long enough. With a white shirt and some boots. Timeless," said one viewer.

Another follower wrote: "The oversized puff jacket is always a sign of carelessness."

"I disagree on the cowboy boot thing. They can look really nice and elegant, if worn properly," commented a third person.

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