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AN INTERIOR designer has revealed that there are five things that many people have in their home that make their space look cheap.

Aya, an Architect and Interior Designer, who posts on TikTok under the username @ayadesiign, recently took to the video sharing platform to reveal the five things that you should ditch if you want your home to look expensive and inviting. 

So prepare to be attacked if you’re a fan of fake flowers and wall stickers, as Aya has revealed the five things that she can’t stand and would never have in her home.

Aya took to the social media app and said: “Things that make your home look cheap.”

Aya shared a variety of stock images to explain the things she despises seeing.

Firstly, this interior designer explained that she can’t stand “cheap artificial flowers.”

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So if you’re a fan of fake flowers, it might be time to ditch them and upgrade to the real thing, if you want your home to look expensive.

Secondly, Aya explained that “wall stickers” will instantly make your home look cheap.

Whether that’s a ‘live, love, laugh’ slogan or a ‘home sweet home’ design, Aya is not a fan.

Thirdly, and most of us will probably feel attacked by this, Aya claimed that “TV wires” are a no no for a home to look expensive.

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So if your wires are hanging out of your TV and are on display for all guests to see, you may want to find a storage box or an alternative solution, if you choose to follow Aya’s advice on how to have an expensive home.

As well as this, according to Aya, “small wall art”, in the form of framed pictures, is not a good look in a home.

Instead, it is advised to opt for a bigger piece of artwork that will really stand out and impress your loved ones.

Finally, according to this interior whizz, “small rugs” will instantly cheapen your home and having a bigger one is the way to go, to quickly make your home feel more pricey.

Aya’s video was posted just three days ago, but it has quickly gone viral and has clearly impressed many, as it has racked up a whopping 1.1million views.

It has 28.5k likes, 344 comments and 1,113 shares.

Many social media users took to the comments to share their thoughts on Aya’s claims. 

In particular, many were offended by Aya’s distaste for small rugs.

One person said: “Small rugs don’t make your home cheap!” 

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Another added: “Small rugs are cool.” 

A third commented: “Small rugs [are] beautiful.”

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