I’m an interior designer and you should NEVER buy these furniture items and the reasons wooden slat beds are a big no-no | The Sun

AN INTERIOR designer has revealed the furniture items you should avoid if you want to to keep your home looking stylish and steer clear of tacky.

Phoenix Grey revealed the common items people buy thinking they're bagging a bargain or elevating their living room when they're actually doing the opposite.

First up, the design pro said jetted bathtubs might seem like a good idea but they're really a bit of a nightamare.

Not only can they be pricey, but swanky jetted tubs can be "bacteria hoarders and they require so much maintenance and up keep."

Another reason to ditch the honeymoon suit-style tubs is because of the noise, "it sounds like a shuttle going off," Phoenix said.

The next thing you should ditch are futons – they might seem practical but no one actually likes sleeping on them.


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Phoenix quipped: "A clever combination? Yes. Beautiful? Absolutely not."

Unless you want your home to look like a University student's bedroom it's best to avoid for futons for good.

Instead, the pro recommended investing in a deeper couch so guests can sleep there but you can still comfortably lounge.

Eames-styles fibreglass chairs are also a big no, according to the interior desginer.

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He said: "The moulded shape is so extremely uncomfortable and it honestly looks like public school chairs.

"As iconic as the shape and design is, it is not for me."

And if you're thinking of buying a new bedframe soon, there's one type Phoenix thinks is the worst.

Beds with wooden slats are bound to break, he said.

"If you weigh more than 50lbs this is going to be a disaster," the pro added.

The wooden slats can break and snap easily, so investing a secure bedframe to last years is well worth it.

Viewers agreed the interior pro's choices and one person added: "I agree with all of these, learned my lesson with the wooden bed frame."

And a second commented: "I'm an architect and I agree with everything you're saying!"

"We've lived in our home for 10 years and I've never taken a bath in our jetted tub," someone else confessed.

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Another said: "Finally some Eames fibreglass chair slander!

"I can't stress enough how uncomfortable they are."

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