I’m fat & sick of having to squeeze into my car in parking lots so I now leave a passive-aggressive note on my window | The Sun

THERE'S nothing quite as annoying as parking your car only to return to it later to find someone else has parked their car mere inches away from yours.

Trying to squeeze back into the drivers seat without scratching the other car should be considered an Olympic sport.

One driver was so fed up of trying to squish into their own car that they decided to take action.

Leaving a passive-aggressive note is a favourite past-time for many Brits, so this driver typed one out in the hopes that they would be left so extra room.

The note read: "I'm fat, so don't park so close!!!!"

The letter was stuck to their window to let other divers know to keep their distance.

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But that's not all, they ended the note with a smiley face, writing: "Have a nice day!"

The picture was was posted on twitter and people jumped to defend the note.

One person wrote: "Don't you just hate it when people invade your personal space. Same thing with cars and car parks as well."

A seconded sneered: "It’s Britain no one will take any notice of that or care, that individual will need to get out the other side. Good luck."

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Another quipped: "At least he's honest."

Someone else liked the sign, "honest and simple, 9/10 sign," they said.

However not everyone was sympathetic, "how about go for a job," one person jabbed.

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