I’m going bald after I slicked back my hair in a tight ponytail for a year – it ruined my locks

THE SLICK back hairstyle has become increasingly popular recently, with many celebrities donning the neat look.

But are you actually aware of the damage that this could be causing to your hair?

Well, one young woman recently became aware of the damage that her slick-back ponytail was having on her hair, when she noticed bald patches on her scalp.

She shared the video to her TikTok account with the caption “Send help please.”

The video shows a range of pictures of the woman and her beautiful brown locks.

We then see some close-up images of her hair, where you can see that she does in fact have some bald patches on her scalp.

She said that she slicked back her hair everyday for months and is now going bald as a result.

She revealed that her hair is now “super thin” and she is “never tying my hair up again.”

Many TikTok revealed that they also wear their hair in a slicked back ponytail and that this had also happened to them.

One user commented: “Currently taking my hair out of a slick back bun after watching this.”

Another said: “Omg this happened to me and I was wondering why my hair got so thin!”

A third added: “This is my sign to stop.”


Many people took to the comments to share their support and ideas for how to grow the hair back.

One person said: “If you search for traction alopecia and how to reverse it, you’ll be able to grow it back. But defo don’t slick it back anymore and oil massages once a week.”

Another added: “Fish oil supplements and the Ordinary hair serum made me grow a lot of my new baby hairs.”

A third commented: “Massage your scalp a few times a week with a deep conditioner or oil.”

Meanwhile, you’ve been putting your hair up wrong – it’s causing serious damage and could be why you’re getting headaches.

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